Welcome to Webmaster Links @ Mind-Blast.net. This site aims to provide links to active sites useful for webmasters to join to advertise or promote their sites. You will also find sites that webmasters can join for fun, such as website cliques, and adoption sites.


Years ago the internet was filled with website cliques and website listings, however, now you really need to look hard for these sites. I love the purpose of website listings, button exchanges, and so forth, especially those for specific fandoms and I miss them. So this site is my way of helping promote the ones that do exist.


Sites listed here are run by actual people and fans, not automated sites where links get lost in spam. They are also active (n/a for adoption sites) and link checks are performed regularly.

Listed here you will find:

  • Adoption Sites
  • Advertising Forums
  • Blog Crews/Claiming Sites
  • Button and Banner Exchanges
  • Cliques
  • Listings/Directories
  • Plugboards
  • Topsites
  • Trading Card Games (TCGs)
  • Webrings

Not Listed

Some sites are not listed here despite fullfilling the criteria:

  • Fanlistings: I love fanlistings but there are thousands of them and they are already listed at TFL.org, TAFL.org, AlterL.org and other relevant sites.

  • RPGs: Again, another favorite of mine which already have plenty of exposure on the web. For example; RPG-D and DF.net.

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Adoption Sites

2 Pixel
Angel's Chimera Dreams
Angelic Sakuras
Another Adoption Page
Autumn Pixels
Bear Jests
Bitmap Dreams
Carrielynnes World
Colours of the seven oceans
Dead Winters Night
Disappeared Element
Fantasy Bit
Firefly's World
Fly High, Rocketship!
Going Bananas (Despicable Me Minions)
LTnnOg Dolls
Mariiii's Doll House
NaSever Dolls
Pixel Corner
Pixel Specks
Rockwitch.net Pixels
Shieldmaiden of Ithilien
Sushi Cat
The Pixel Bakery
Valinor Dolls
Veriria's Cartoon Doll Haven
Yume Studio

Advertising Forums

All the Weyrs of Pern (Pern)
Blog Promotion.net (Blogs)
Forum Promotion
Free to Advertise
Historical RPGs (RPGs)
Promotion HQ
Roleplay Ads (RPGs)
Seiryuu.org (RPGs)

Blog Crews & Claims

Born This Way (music)
I am the __ of Dreamwidth!
I am the __ of Insanejournal!

Button Exchanges

Akuma Exchange
Blue Graphics Exchange
Elysian Fields (Hero claim)
Fans Fans Fans (Fanlistings)
Horror Suspense
I get the feeling (anime songs claim)
My lady (bishoujo claim)
Oshare Exchange
Silencia Rotation
Simply Precious Exchange
Tartarus (Villain claim)
TCG Publicity (TCGs)
The Starlight Exchange
The Vampire Coven (Anne Rice)
Total Randomosity


< / Geek >(Geeks)
Almost Nostalgic (Blogs)
Anime Eyes (Anime)
Astromech (Star Wars)
Bookworms (Book claim)
Domain Whore
Duel of the Faiths (Star Wars)
Fighting Everyday (Invisible illness)
Forever & a day (Queer as folk)
Fuck Tolerance (Acceptance)
Got Yaoi? (Yaoi)
Hermits Anonymous
I like my boys bad (bad boys)
If you're sure.. (Hogwarts Houses)
It's the glasses (boys with glasses)
Love Link (Zelda)
My Superhero (hero)
Old School
One True Pair (Fandom)
Patron (Folklore/Myths)
Peaceful Pagan
Perforation (Piercings)
Pledge a Prayer (Peace)
Project Silence (LGBT)
Shozoku (Bishie)
Smoking Kills
Stargazer (night sky)
Still a Moonie (Sailor Moon)
The Quilting Bee
Type: Wild (Pokemon)
Watashi No Kishi (Video Game)
Wings of the Heart (Wings)


All things Kawaii (cute stuff)
Amala Network (Megaten)
Amassment (Shrines & Fansites)
Bad Ass Bitch (Shrines - women)
Beauty & the Beast Directory (BatB)
Book Blogging (book blogs)
Britblog (British Bloggers)
Continuum (Final Fantasy)
Cute Links (cute stuff)
Distant Fantasies (RPGs)
Dollure Directory
Electro Listings
Emotion (Animanga & Video Games)
Faded Aeterna Listings
First Aid (Tales of...)
Flowers and Tea Listings
Globe of Blogs (Blogs)
Hogwartians (Harry Potter)
Johnny-Depp.org (Depp related)
Join Avenue (Pokemon)
Listenup! (blogs)
Love Listings
Nerd Listings
Queldorei (Video Games)
Ricebowl Journals (Asian)
Roleplayhub.com (RPGs)
RPG Gateway (RPGs)
Ruby Wings Listings
Seductive Directory (Fantasy)
Sinful Desire Directory
Star Seeker (Kingdom Hearts)
TCG Publicity (TCGs)
Ten(sen)shi (Sailor Moon)
Twi-Lek (Star Wars)
Zenkai (Dragonball)


Aulani Plugboard (RPGs)
Bliss Plugs
Crazy Plugs
Elven Plugs
Gloomy Plugs
Look at This
Love Plug
O.S.C. Plugs
Pagan Plugs
Plug Whore
Pretty Plugboard
Ruby Plugs
Silent Plug
TCG Publicity (TCGs)
Twitter Plugboard (Twitter)
Vintaged Plugs


Bitchin' Top 20
Cute Top 25
Dark Angels Top 100 Sites
Dollz Bliss (Dolling Sites)
Fabulous Sites for Girls (Girls)
Forum Topsite (Forums)
Moonlight Kisses (Anita Blake RPGs)
Silentears.net Topsite
The Dai Li (Avatar)
The Doll Palace (Dolls/Pixels)
Unbreakable Topsites


1 Up (Video Games)
5"x7.5" (animanga & games)
801 (Yaoi)
Absolute Chaos (Harry Potter)
Bon Voyage (Travel)
Capes & Crusaders (DC & Marvel)
Dapper (Male)
Delectable (Food)
Divinity (Bishounen)
Etc (Everything)
Femme (Female)
Harmony (Anime Scenes)
Mediascape (Posters)
Mischief Managed (Harry Potter)
Moonlight Legend (Sailor Moon)
Mugiwara (One Piece)
Novella (Book Covers)
Phenomena (Nature)
Phoenix Down (Final Fantasy)
Rapture (a boys love)
Replay (Music)
Reverie (Illustrations)
Role play (Characters)
Small Screen (TV)
So Magical (Disney)
Spotlight (Scenes)
TV World (TV)
Wonderland (Disney)


Fellowship of the Web (Lotr)
Nuwaves (.nu domains)
Oh My Cuteness (cute stuff)

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